Alex Jones is just the beginning: Watch at as Roger Stone explains how ALL truth is on the censorship chopping block

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If conservative American patriots don’t start screaming en masse from the rooftops against Big Tech’s censorship and purging of independent voices like Alex Jones, everyone else who defies the official leftist narrative – including many other mainstream names and personalities – will soon be next.

This was the rallying cry and dire warning issued by Roger Stone during a recent interview he gave on The Alex Jones Show, which is available for viewing at According to Stone, the targeting of Alex Jones and InfoWars, and by proxy Stone himself as his War Room program airs through InfoWars, represents the “beachhead” of a much more serious threat to online free speech.

“I think people need to understand how sweeping this is,” Stone stated to Jones during his interview.

“This is YouTube. This is Periscope. This is Apple. This is iTunes. This is Facebook. This is Spotify. I mean, it’s a purge. It’s a mugging. And it’s the test case, because there’s no doubt in my mind that if they succeed in shutting InfoWars down, in strangling your First Amendment rights, my First Amendment rights at the War Room, which has suffered very badly from this because many of our viewers enjoy us on YouTube, where we are now banned.”

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Alex Jones calls on listeners to “go completely ape” in demanding that Big Tech be held accountable for attacks on free speech

It’s the epitome of the information war that Jones has been warning about for years – and that’s finally becoming a stark and disturbing reality.

“We are already at war, and the damn tech companies have decided against us,” Jones declared, expressing agreement with Stone’s sentiments.

We’re seeing it openly transpire with multinational tech corporations like Google and Apple, both of which are colluding with communist China to control all free speech online.

“This is a selective internet kill switch, a literal mark of the beast. This is the Chinese social score, with the Chicoms involved. Google announcing they’re moving to China, helping to censor here,” Jones added.

“We need the listeners to go completely ape, and we need to call for antitrust now, we need to call for emergency hearings for election meddling. This is the real election meddling, red-handed the tech companies censoring en masse, saying they will deliver the election to the Democrats. This is unbelievable, they are attacking out elections using the whole Russia thing as a smokescreen, Roger.”

Obama is the reason online free speech is under attack

As Apple correspondingly proceeds to openly implement a “trust score” scheme similar to communist China’s “social score” program, millions of Americans remain completely unaware of what’s going on – but it probably won’t be that way for long, considering that many others are likely on the chopping block now that Alex Jones has been purged.

“The point here is that Tucker Carlson and Matt Drudge, who have been among those who have stood tall, they will be next,” Stone warns.

“So will Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mike Savage, Rush Limbaugh – all of these patriots, all of these supporters of freedom are next on the hit list, and they need to get wise to it. Because the attack on you is only a beachhead.”

And who’s fault is this? Obama’s, which is hardly surprising.

“We know that the government censorship board that was passed at the last minute by Obama as part of the defense appropriations got their $43 million in their first chunk of change, and I suspect that they are the ones driving this, which, oddly enough, Obama gave them the authority to do,” Stone says.

Be sure to watch the full segment with Roger Stone and Alex Jones at

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