Racist student mob at Evergreen College just got granted homework exemptions by the snowflake administration after threatening professors

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Evergreen State College is apparently a safe space for liberal snowflakes who don’t want to do their homework.

The Olympia, Washington-based school has been embroiled in a controversy for several days as hundreds of students demonstrated against alleged racism and a what they consider an unwelcoming environment on campus. To say things are out of control on the campus — located about 50 miles southwest of Seattle — is a massive understatement, as Natural News previously outlined.

In the most recent development, a phoned-in credible threat has authorities on high alert causing the cancellation of all classes and other campus activities yesterday and today. As of this writing, the campus is still closed.

The situation on campus began spiraling out of control around the time when biology Prof. Bret Weinstein, who describes himself to FNC’s Tucker Carlson as a committed progressive (see video clip below), objected in an email to a so-called day of absence in which white people were to remove themselves from campus.

In a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Weinstein asserted that his college has “slipped into madness” and anarchy after he was confronted by an angry mob of 50 students in his classroom on May 23 and was accused of being a racist because he challenged the day of absence. He chronicled how the campus police chief ominously tipped him off that angry students were searching vehicles — most likely looking for him — and that cops couldn’t protect him on orders from the college president.

In his essay, Weinstein explained that he supports the traditional day of absence at Evergreen in which minorities voluntarily absent themselves from campus to demonstrate their importance to the school’s operations, but disagreed with “a group or coalition encouraging another group to go away.”

“On a college campus, one’s right to speak—or to be—must never be based on skin color,” Weinstein asserted.

In a disturbing, if not sad, series of videos posted to YouTube, angry left-wing students at the publicly funded liberal arts school have demanded the professor’s firing among a litany of other grievances, as Campus Reform explains:

Videos from Evergreen have since continued to leak, painting a chaotic portrait of campus in which protesters try to bully administrators into kowtowing to their demands, and in one case even tell the school’s president, George Bridges, to ‘shut the f**k up.’

The president of the college, George Bridges, has not given in to all the mob’s demands — Weinstein still has his job (for now) — but at one juncture, Bridges did agree to send an email to the Evergreen faculty excusing the student protesters who were occupying his office from their homework deadlines and other projects. Watch the cringe-worthy video below.

In a lengthy statement which comes across pretty much as terms of surrender, Bridges seems to cave to virtually all the protesters’ demands, including mandating annual sensitivity training for the entire campus workforce and hiring a full-time affirmative action officer. Three targets of student ire — Weinstein, another faculty member, and a campus cop — are subject to an investigation for alleged discrimination, the statement adds.

Bridges also indicated that no disciplinary action is being sought against the demonstrators.

A Republican state representative has introduced a bill that would strip taxpayer funding from Evergreen State College and has asked the state Human Rights Commission to investigate any civil rights violations that may have occurred there. Washington is a deep blue state, however, so it is unlikely that the legislation will get anywhere.

At the risk of stating the obvious, prior to the overflowing of political correctness anyway, college is or was supposed to be a place where all ideas are up for debate, and people of all backgrounds mix together rather than separate. (RELATED: Read more about left-wing extremism at Fascism.news.)

As Natural News founder Mike Adams recently wrote about campus chaos in general, “The weak-willed administrators need to be replaced with mature adults who can stand their ground against young crybullies and whiny snowflakes whose only skill in life seems to be crying and bullying everybody around them until they get what they want.”








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